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Photos, at last, of the funnyman

The boy loves to color.

And he loves playdough. It doesn’t look so colorful now. It’s turned a bland, dark gray.

He blows a kiss at a birthday brunch for Mama at the end of August.

Alison, Mama, Anne, and Guthrie at the birthday brunch.

Alison snarls.

A one-socked naked man ran through our house!

Papa spent a few days in Hollywood at a public radio conference. This is the view from his hotel. You can just make out the Hollywood sign in the background.

Some of the playgrounds have community toys. Guthrie can’t quite yet pedal, but he knows that’s what he needs to do. If only his legs were a tad longer…

Mama and the boy peek through one of the bubbles in the prairie dog compound at the Prospect Park zoo. The baboons were back, too! But, alas, they were all lethargic and zoo construction meant a jackhammer kind of ruined the whole atmosphere.

The fellows at Mending Bee for Change had their super-large hand-made flag spread out in the park. It was so much fun! We had a few qualms about walking on the flag, but there were mitigating circumstances: One, the flag is not yet finished, so, theoretically, it’s not a true American flag yet. Two, there’s no easy way to properly display a flag of this size except on the ground. Three, it was a mending session, though that hadn’t started yet. They were there to restore it to good condition, as well as collect names. They hope to take it to an Obama rally in Pennsylvania soon. We donated $10 towards a good cause.

This is like a Bruce Springsteen album cover.

Mama told the boy it was “sheets” because the flapping and waving and up and down was very much like the fun we have when we put sheets on the bed.

The boy has been a bit pumpkin-crazy lately, so when he saw them at the farmer’s market his face lit up. It was entirely worth the dollar.

The boy likes chocolate sorbet. 🙂

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