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“Planned Hopelessness” by Dru Blood from

;I’m hearing my client—a person who I care for and respect a great deal—tell me that “my side” has no hope of winning, and although he feels that I have the moral upper hand, he would much rather be fighting on the “winning team.” My response to this, internally, is a deepened sense of respect for my fellow Americans, as I’m sure this man is not the only person in this country who is, basically, feeling pretty damned hopeless and disenfranchised. It says a lot to me that a human being who I view as having good intentions and a lot of heart is so easily prepared to condone actions he views as immoral and even reprehensible rather than bear the burden of ostracism for standing up for what he feels is good and right. This is a person who has worked hard all of his life, and has, by artifical standards of success that most U.S. citizens compare themselves to, achieved very little. I don’t view him as such, but I’m hearing that’s how he views himself. “No matter what happens, I still have to drag my ass to work every day, and I’m too tired to fight for the losing side” is basically what he tells me.

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