Linguist, lexicographer, radio host, public speaker

Repeat to yourself, ‘I’d hire me…’ in a creepy Hannibal Lector voice. It works

“Just remember this. Life is not about your job. It’s really not. If you need Cash, work at Starbucks. Seriously. Think: coffee. Life is not about your job. If you need validation, then. Well. Think again. Life is. It’s about sticky frogs and getting your Girl to squeal and getting emails from your Best Friends and learning to Love Hockey. Honestly. Trust me. This from a nearly-reformed capitalist, who still drools over Cabrios, but who on a regular basis tells Visa via conference calls with Discover and MasterCard… ‘It’s not that I COULDN’T pay you… it’s that I didn’t want to buy stamps. Really I need you as an organization to understand this difference. It’s going to be key to our continued relationship.’”

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Grant Barrett