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The only Alamo Don King knows is the one where he rents his stretch limo

“‘Just like an execution, everyone is entitled to a last meal,’ Hopkins told Felix Trinidad Wednesday inside Madison Square Garden. ‘Some want steak. Some want lobster. I’ve got something special for you. I had to ask some of my Spanish friends in Philadelphia.’ Hopkins threw a bag of rice on the table in front of Trinidad. He followed with a bag of beans. He looked at the 20 taunting Trinidad fanatics who promoter Don King had invited into the press conference and said, ‘I’ve got more bags in the car for you.’ When they cursed him, Hopkins told them hatred was the province of the uneducated. He told them to look up Armageddon in the dictionary. At least he didn’t stamp on the Puerto Rican flag as he had earlier on the press tour

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Grant Barrett