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Unexpected Picture Bonus!

Well, the camera was full again, so here are a few more pictures.

The boy in the park at Dumbo, which is right between the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges at the westernmost edge of Brooklyn. That’s the Brooklyn Bridge in the background.

Smooches! Monkeys have wet kisses.

Monkeys also like to kiss babies. The baby in the swing is Gus, Sarah’s friend Anne’s cousin Lauren’s baby (ha!). Guthrie sooooooo wanted to ride in the bouncy swing, but he was too big. That’s Ryan, Anne’s fellow, in the background.

Anne with Gus and Guthrie. Her two favoritest babies, I’m told.

This is what the tiredest boy looks like. I know we usually post happy boy photos here, but look at that pathetic face. Very, very tired.

Better times at the Central Park Zoo. They have monkeys (but no baboons). But! There is a carousel with HORSIES nearby. Certain small members of our household were delighted.

Near the sandpit in a playground at Prospect Park in Brooklyn. The boy was tired after a long day but he still enjoyed himself.

He managed to commandeer a community shovel, for one thing.

And he found a cup to fill and empty and fill and empty and fill and empty…

Sand fits nicely in every crevice and wrinkle of a boy’s clothes.

Happy boy with crayons at Two Boots, a good family friendly restaurant. They provide the crayons and the coloring books.

They also let papas color, if they want.

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