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We Are Against The War

Local parent-teacher association president: “I am against the war.” High school senior: “I am against a war with Iraq because it is an offensive war.” Military journalist: “I am against the war.” “I am a Kurd, and I am against the war in Iraq.” British star: “I am against the war.” Vice president of the Philippiines: “I oppose the war against Iraq.” Los Alamos city councilwoman: “I’ve written my congressman that I am against any war with Iraq.” Imam of a Mosque: “We are against war but against Saddam at the same time.” Representative to Congress: “I totally oppose George Bush’s war on Iraq and voted against it.” German attorney: “I am against this war. There is no such thing as a just war.” Protestor from Madison, Wisconsin: “I feel great about going (to the rally); it was amazing to see the sheer number of people there, and I was doing my part to show I oppose the war.” Worker from Milford, Massachusetts: “I oppose this war and I think that by working with other people we can stop it before it starts.” Idaho student: “I oppose a war with Iraq and I hope that somehow we do not go to war.” Connecticut book store owner: “ “It’s not a secret—you can look at my store and see that I oppose unilateral war in Iraq.” Storrs, Connecticut, resident: “I oppose President Bush’s proposed war against Iraq for economic and moral reasons.” Chief executive officer of two businesses: “Just because I oppose the war doesn’t mean I don’t love my country.” African National Congress spokesperson: “This war is