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What?, 20 yards. I’m guessing. I’m not a mensurator, as we say

“Disinformation is an ugly, difficult word, because no one likes to be fooled. And I know you don’t like to be fooled, in particular. And we, on our side, in looking at information don’t like to be fooled. But it’s something that is a weapon in the arsenal of our adversary, and it is used with deliberate intent to plant information, again, with the hope of achieving either a political or diplomatic or morale effect, or a military effect. And this can often stem from a plant by an intelligence service that gets published in a sympathetic paper or media, and gets proliferated. And again, now with the Internet, it can be very difficult to track and detect when this kind of disinformation goes on. And I know you’ve spent probably a lot of your careers running down leads that, you know, proved to be totally worthless. And I do the same on a daily basis.”

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Grant Barrett