Browsing Month February, 2001

Ou est el primo entrada a la Louvre?

“I will give you an example of the limits of my French. In the subway, which they call the Métro here, a woman at the other end of our car stood up and spoke loudly to everybody in French saying that she knew of this very good restaurant, which was open at seven, and that more…

Maybe the Clintons can put full-time video cameras in their homes and offices

“My gag-me moment came when I was watching CNN. It aired a long piece of ‘breaking news’ footage of Clinton coming out of the 125th Street office building.”

Harlem 2001: The new people better understand what we’re like

“She has mixed feelings about the ‘prospectors,’ the whites walking through her neighborhood, looking property over as if it were theirs for the taking. She watches them taking ‘before’ pictures of buildings. By now she knows there will be an after.”

Radio sucks everywhere: 12,000 radio stations playing three formats

“These days, the successful radio business model looks like this: Whatever your format

Mr. Molinari says he had troubling sleeping that night

“I said: ‘All I did was write a letter! All I did was write a letter; this is over a letter?’ I feel hurt by it. What kind of country is this? Is it Cuba? They should’ve let me know. It’s supposed to be the United States. Last they told me, when I was in more…

To discount the dangers presented by the mores of our society would be foolish

“They said, ‘Go ahead, we won’t tell anyone.’ I had to explain why I was doing this, that it’s not like a diet where I can cheat. I said, ‘This is something I’m committed to and I stick with every day. It’s a way of life.’”

This nation is trapped in a codependent relationship with Bill Clinton

“This is supposed to be George’s honeymoon, and here you are, calling out the old boyfriend’s name.”

Montana will make you tough or it will make you leave

“Speaking of toughness, the New York kind I acquired during 40 years in the city is useless in a society that prides itself on affable good manners. When I tried breaking into a supermarket checkout line during my first month here, I was told sternly by the young man standing over me, ‘Now you behave more…

XFL fans are a subset of a dubious group to begin with

“I would have to guess from your picture that you were not a football player or, if you were that you were some highly specialized position (read puny) like wideout or safety. You are probably the type to spend hours tracking the achievements of your favorite players for your fantasy football league. You probably get more…

It soon became clear the only vehicle he had mastered was a water buffalo

“There used to be some splendid duels on Bangkok’s roadsides, especially when it was raining. As you tried to bargain and the rain became heavier, for some reason the driver would never be quite sure of where you wanted to go. He’d sit there, scratching his head, making elaborate imaginary left and right turns with more…