Browsing Month April, 2006

Honey on Sell

Here’s an illustration of a Southern vowel merger. I took the photo at the farmer’s market in Raleigh, N.C., in February.

Renzo Piano

Nicolai Ouroussoff may think Renzo Piano’s addition to the Morgan Library and Museum is “dazzling,” but from the outside it looks to me like the shop class entrance of a prefab suburban high school. Like temporary shelter thrown down by the only bidder to make it through onerous bureaucratic paperwork. What kind of ego takes more…


OneLook added Double-Tongued to its catalog of references that can be meta-searched, but just the headwords. (I have a request for a slight typo fix: they spelled it Double-Tongued Word Wrestler instead of Wrester, which is a common-enough error that I’m blasé about it now. Update: Feexed!)

The Swedish/English cool stuff blog Smart Stuff gave Double-Tongued a very nice write-up in December, but they sent me an email about it just today. (Swedish version.)

Technical Support Freelancing Articles

Since I still get messages about them, I’ve reposted the technical support articles I wrote in 2003. They concern how I went about building a little one-man tech support practice here in New York City. They received a lot of play on Slashdot and a write-up in the Dallas Morning News, but more importantly, I’ve more…

Shameless Carnivore

My coworker Scott Gold is leaving Oxford University Press to write a book about meat. Some people get the best deals, don’t they? He’s started a blog on the subject, Shameless Carnivore.

Hair Traffic

Fascinating article on the market for human hair, until it turns wishy-washy—the reporter was on the hunt for a hot scoop, found shrugs instead, but tacked on the dead leads anyway.

New York Times Land Grab

The New York Times did a redesign. They write, in part, We have expanded the page to take advantage of the larger monitors now used by the vast majority of our readers. My response: “Hey, who said we read (or want to read) ANY web site with the browser window filling the whole screen? The more…

Slides from a caveman PowerPoint presentation about “fire”

The funniest thing I’ve seen in ages: Slides from a caveman PowerPoint presentation about “fire.”

Fightin’ words

This article is still entirely too kind to Paul J.J. Payack who talks more twaddle about language than I can keep up with. Where other people publish papers, he publishes press releases. Where other people explain their methodology, he waves his hands. Where other people have a point, he has nothing. Bollocks. Rubbish. Squat. Sweet more…