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Technical Support Freelancing Articles

Since I still get messages about them, I’ve reposted the technical support articles I wrote in 2003. They concern how I went about building a little one-man tech support practice here in New York City. They received a lot of play on Slashdot and a write-up in the Dallas Morning News, but more importantly, I’ve received many heartfelt “thank yous” from around the world. If I was still in the tech support business I’d expand these even further (and correct some of their deficiencies), but I handed off my last clients more than two years ago and now make dictionaries for a living. So, they are what they are.

Part one: Technical Self-Employment Is A Fat Paycheck Waiting to Be Pocketed.

Part two: With A Fat Paycheck Comes Fat Responsibility.

Part three: The Doohickey and the Thingy.

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