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A Finely Crafted Run-On Sentence

Someone whose name I believe is Jenny writes in the blog A Finely Crafted Run-on Sentence about the use of English slang among Ugandan students, as much of an issue there where English shares mouths with myriad other languages as it is in the United States where English dominates:

English is like any form of communication, and the speaker or writer has to know which version to use for which audience. However, the frequency with which the language of the high tech youth changes, and the plurality of examples of text speak leaking into schoolwork raise an issue that I might not have thought of had I not read this article from the perspective of Ungandans, who speak English as a second language.

Read her older posts, too. They’re very much on-topic for the open-door online chat I’ll be having with Anu Garg of A Word A Day on Sunday, when we’ll be discussing the effect that slang has on communication in, and comprehension of, English.

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