BBC World Service Shortwave Slowly Disappearing

It saddens me to see that the BBC has further reduced its shortwave broadcasting schedule. While it’s true that I listen exclusively online these days, I’ve always counted on having the World Service at 5975 KHz as a backup. That’s the frequency where I first started listening to the BBC regularly in 1983.

I credit the BBC and other international broadcasters for informing a kid in Nowheresville, Missouri, that there is a massive big world out there worth exploring. It’s also partly where I got my interest in foreign languages, where I picked up the bug to be a radio broadcaster (which I have been), and where I first got addicted to wallowing in more information than I could handle.

There’s more about the BBC World Service reductions on the SWPROGRAMS email list here and here.

Thanks to Cobalt Pet for the tip.

Posted March 29, 2006

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