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Blazing laptop: 25,000 words of prose in nine hours

Well, I finally found a group of writers to hang out with in San Diego. I like them so much I serve as a volunteer on their board. And I’m signing up for their fundraiser.

They’re San Diego Writers, Ink, a nonprofit organization that is all about writing, writing well, reading writing, and writing. Did I mention writing? Yes? There is also writing.

They’re having a fundraiser called “Blazing Laptops” where participants write for nine hours straight in return for pledges from supporters. I’m shooting to write 25,000 words in that time. Think I can do it? Chip in!

I have a modest goal of raising $250. Maybe $20 from you? It all goes to the organization, which uses it to fund classes, one-on-ones, and the back end of running the org.

Click here to make your pledge to my NINE HOURS of writing.

  • If you pledge any amount, I will send you by email what I write during the marathon writing session. Please include your email address in the form.
  • If you pledge more than $50, I will print it out on nice paper, sign it with a personal message, and send it to you. Please include your postal address in the form.
  • If you pledge more than $250, I will name a character after you in the writing. Probably as a ninja who battles dust-devils and sleeps under beds, and showers while wearing a mask. AND I will send you a hard copy. Please include your postal address.

Blazing Laptops Write-a-Thon 2012 is the fifth annual all-day writing marathon to raise funds for San Diego Writers, Ink. Who can write for nine hours? We can write for nine hours! You can write for nine hours: sign up to be a laptop-blazer.

The mission of San Diego Writers, Ink, is to nurture writers and those wishing to explore the craft of writing, foster a literary community, promote literature and celebrate artistic diversity. This is accomplished through:

To become a member, find out more here.

Your support helps San Diego Writers, Ink, offer more great literary programming: exciting new classes, bringing in bestselling authors and buildling our writing community.

If you have any question about the event or the organization, give me a call or drop me a line

Grant Barrett
(619) 800-3348

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