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Double-Tongued Improvements

I’ve finally managed to move the Double-Tongued database to another server. This should greatly improve uptime and should eliminate all the “momentarily offline” messages visitors have been receiving for some weeks.

The problem was that DTWW has been outgrowing its hosting plan. Because it was a shared server, there were limitations on the number of simultaneous queries per user. Heavy searching using the built-in search function meant that just one or two searchers or a few simultaneous indexing bots could reach this cap. The new server is used only by Double-Tongued, however, and does not have any of those restrictions. It costs substantially more each month but advertising revenues should cover everything.

I’ve re-enabled a few features that had been disabled to reduce server load. Related terms are are appearing once again with each entry or citation. The display of recent searches has been restored. And the advanced search index page (which I reduced a week ago) has had all of its options restored.

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Grant Barrett