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Language Columns at Oxford University Press

Today Ben Zimmer joins Anatoly Liberman in writing about language for the Oxford University Press blog. Ben’s a colleague in more way than one (we were, for a time, at OUP together and we are co-members of a couple of societies). Ben’s first column is online today.

If you keep track of your online reading using a feed collator, RSS reader, or some other blog-subscribing tool, then you might be interested in the the trimmed down OUP blog feed I created using Yahoo Pipes.

A while back I realized I needed to cut down my feed subscriptions. There were too many sources, there were too many that had dozens of posts a day, and there were too many that were were more distracting from my pastimes and professions than they were supplemental to them. The OUP blog, for example, has a lot of great content, but so much of it was just extra for me. I wanted to get down to the core. That meant only reading Anatoly’s etymology column, and now, Ben’s language column.

Yahoo Pipes let you filter feeds, so that’s what I did. This feed pipe filters the OUP RSS feed so that all you’ll get from the OUP blog are Anatoly and Ben. You can clone the pipe and work with it yourself here.

(Incidentally, I also made this Yahoo Pipe that filters the Boston Globe Ideas blog so that you only get Jan Freeman’s column. You can clone the pipe and work with it yourself here.)

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