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Le pornithorynque est un salopare

A little more than a week ago I posted a list of all the books on my “want” list that I couldn’t find on One of those was Le pornithorynque est un salopare by Alain Créhange. It’s a dictionary of French portmanteau words.

Today I received a package in the mail postmarked “Paris Saint Laurent.” It’s a copy of the book from the author himself, signed and everything! Alain writes in a note that he saw on this web site that I wanted it, so…

The book has an attractive cover featuring ink drawings of two platypuses doing it doggy-style.

Another victory for the Internets!

I find it interesting that four years after the last French Francs were withdrawn from circulation, La Poste still gives the price in Francs on the postage sticker under the price in Euros.

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