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“Moment in time that shook the tennis world” by Owen Slot from the London

;Before I begin my testimony, I want to say that I am a great fan of Steffi Graf. I follow her entire career with great interest. I have, for example, been sending her money every birthday since the borders were opened… Then, in 1990, Steffi Graf lost to Monica Seles in the German Open. My world collapsed around me. I could not bear the thought of someone beating Steffi Graf. Although she had not lost her No 1 seeding at that time, it affected me so much that I even considered suicide. In 1991, or 1992 at the latest, it was old news. I had then definitely decided to injure Monica Seles in such a way that she would no longer be able to play tennis, or at least for a while. At no time did I intend to kill her. I did not even want to cause her a serious injury… For me, Steffi is the top woman. Her eyes sparkle like diamonds. She is an absolute dream woman. I really want to emphasise that; it comes straight from the heart.

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