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Told me his dream today. “It’s all in the dream, you know? You know how in dreams you just know things? Well, I was dreaming I had super powers. Lots of them. All kinds, like flying and stuff, and then I could hear somebody in trouble on the bridge. So I flew out there to rescue this person so fast that when I went to catch them as they fell from the bridge it was more like I clotheslined them. Head popped right off. I think it was the green tea I drank, but I don’t know. “But there was a second part. I still had super powers and I was somewhere else. I could see through everything but I couldn’t control it, like, focus it. So I’d look completely through everything, right through the planet. Couple of times I brought the focus in some but still all I could see was the center of the Earth, all red and glowing. “So then I jump up and start flying again (in my dream), and I can go into space as long as I want and not breathe. So I go out towards Jupiter and Saturn to check them out and I go way too fast. I get lost. I went way past the solar system and then I didn’t recognize anything. I got all these powers but I don’t know how to use them and I’m no smarter. How many people could recognize the solar system at a distance? So I panic, in the dream, and start hyperventilating, and then I couldn’t breathe. “When I woke up the cat was sleeping on my face.”

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Grant Barrett