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One Way? No Way!

This video on Streets Blog shows perfectly why I am against turning Sixth and Seventh Avenues in Park Slope, Brooklyn, into one-way streets.

It’s my neighborhood: I live between Sixth and Seventh Avenues on Park Place, more or less a block below Flatbush Avenue (the streets intersect at an angle, so we’re closer to Flatbush in one direction than we are in the other), which is a daily parade of stupid: Overly fast and overly aggressive drivers. Light-runners. Big trucks which sound their airhorns at all hours. Big trucks which use their very loud jake brakes at all hours. It’s a crappy, crumby, inhuman thoroughfare and it’s what I fear Sixth and Seventh Avenues will become. One way streets are fast, loud, dangerous, and unfriendly neighborhood-killers.

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Grant Barrett