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Recent catchwords: trade turkeys, camp leg, lasagna gardening

Recent interesting catchwords on the Double-Tongued Dictionary are:

trade turkeys: v. phr. to swap bad teachers between schools. “Turkey” is a long-standing slang word for something or someone that performs poorly. A synonym for “trading turkeys” is dance of the lemons. A related term, also mentioned in the article cited here, is rubber room, where teachers who are lemons or turkeys spend their days while waiting disciplinary action.

camp leg: n. the condition of a player being unfit for regular American football season, especially in the legs. The name probably comes from being overweight, out of practice, or too used to the slower schedule of the off season when training camps are typically held. A camp leg is also a player brought in as a temporary kicker in order to keep a better kicker from being over-tired or over-exerted.

lasagna gardening: n. to make a garden using layers of mulch, dirt, and other materials.

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