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The Taliban do, on the whole, want to eliminate violence and return to peace

“Then a man took a kalashnikov from one of the Taliban, and aiming it awkwardly, pulled the trigger. Six or eight rounds rattled out in a sharp, loud burst and the muzzle of the weapon jerked upwards and to the right. The condemned man, still squatting, shuddered and spun round as the bullets hit him, seemed to hold himself upright for a moment and then toppled over onto his side. I saw him turning his head, craning his neck as if looking for something he had left behind. The crowd were on their feet shouting, then there was another short burst of fire and the body shook again. There were long shouts of ‘Allahu Akbar’. The small pool of blood was mopped up with rags and, fifteen minutes later, two football teams filed out and started warming up.”

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Grant Barrett