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Unanswered Questions

Where are Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction? Are they hidden on ships? Were they destroyed prior to 1992? Do the weapons of mass destruction exist at all, or were the 50 liters of mustard gas, now destroyed, the end of it? And if the war starts, and Iraq launches no missiles which go beyond the forbidden 93-mile distance, does that mean they don’t actually have any illegal missiles? Or would they continue to hide them until the very end? If war starts, and Iraq is defeated, and we don’t find any weapons of mass destruction, then what? If the United States is enforcing various United Nations resolutions demanding that Iraq identify, renounce and destroy its weapons of mass destruction, then why is the United States willing to enforce those resolutions without the support of the United Nations? Who are the 650 foreign prisoners being held at the US military base in Guantanamo, Cuba, and what are the specific charges against them? Why have 16 of them tried to commit suicide? Whatever happened to the anthrax investigation? Why is the FBI still looking for help, despite its 11,400 agents?

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Grant Barrett