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Words of the year: there’s no problem here

I’m sorry to say that I’ve been made to look like a bit of a spoiler in this article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. I do not think “all this effort to identify the key word of the year is worth very little.” I do think “it’s just folks having fun.”

It’s important fun and it’s fun that in which I participate with gusto. I do wish the journalist had included the part of our interview where I emphasized that it was one of the few ways in which lexicographers can flex their lexy muscles in public. Who doesn’t like talking about how they do the work they enjoy?

Still, the article does have it merits. Not least, it gives you a sneak peek at four of my nominations for words of the year. There’s “wide stance” and “toe-tapper,” which I covered previously, as well as windshield cowboy and jailbreak.

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Grant Barrett