Browsing Month May, 2001

He hauled in a hundred pounds of cocaine in his net; he’s a rich man now

“Mango season was a good time to be alive. A friend of ours from San Andres island would bring over Columbian marijuana to trade for hundreds of pounds of mangoes. He was crazy about Corn Island mangoes, ended up eating most of them himself. He’s the only man I’ve seen turn orange from so many more…

With all that plastic surgery, what will you look like when you’re 60?

“I’ll look like a drag queen. But I truly believe that I will know when to stop. Most of the stuff I am doing is just to stop me looking older.”

Expressing emotions may confer immunologic benefits

“We all have a choice as to how to respond to stressful situations. Take losing one’s luggage. We can respond with humor: ‘Has my luggage gone somewhere interesting? Is it out having a good time?’ Or we can take it as a calamity. When you’re stressed, your heart pounds, pupils dilate and catecholamines pour into more…

Everyone in the public should have a trip to Rikers Island. It’s an education

“The last day, I was still trying to turn them around and to defend myself as a person. They wasted time talking about me instead of talking about the case. They asked, ‘Can you hold a job? Do you have any friends? Why did you get a divorce?’ When I tried to get close to more…

Survey: Many women described the husband as being like an additional child

“If a husband is great with the children, which is a high priority for the wife, she tends not to mind doing more of the work. There’s almost no chance she will say the division of labor is unfair even if she’s doing 99 percent of it. If he delivers in other ways that are more…

How to train your gun dog

“Snap a leash on your dog’s collar. When he’s standing calmly by your side, gently pull up on the leash. Eventually, the pressure will cause him to sit. When he does, and only when he does, instantly give the command, ‘SIT.’ After a few repetitions, he will associate the command with the action, and he more…

Cute is not enough. To be zakka, a product must be laden with subtexts

“Zakka is shop, caf

They treat us like prostitutes with AIDS expected to go back to our village

“It’s a nightmare and a sad experience for people who have got used to the US. My friend’s wife is finding it difficult to adjust from McDonald’s burgers to chawal and sambhar [rice and lentils].”

Movies are made of political prisoners and executions to satisfy his instincts

“After Roehm’s assassination (June 30, 1934) when I learned Hess’s nickname among homosexual members of the party was ‘Frauelein Anna’ and that it was notorious that he had attended balls dressed in female attire

Hi, my name is Jan and I am a Jambaholic. I am powerless over Jamba Juice

“Two buff young customers wearing only cargo shorts and nose rings challenge each other to a double wheat grass shot duel. They sidle up to the counter where a Jamba team-member (with a button affixed to her apron that urges you to ‘Celebrate the flavors of life!’) has just strategically placed their bright green jiggers more…