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Laughing boy goes 1.0!

The boy is another intra-solar-system traveler who’s made a complete revolution around the sun: as of March 19, he’s one year old. Right now he’s got a bit of a cough and we’re hoping it doesn’t spoil the day.

A couple of weeks ago we were at the house of our friends Al and Heather, who have their own little baby, Maxfield. Heather did this “boom!” noise that made Guthrie crack up laughing. So we tried it at home and found out it still worked. If you want to see the laughingest boy ever, check out this video. The audio is a little out of sync in the original, but the enjoyment is still there.

Click this to see the video:

These are some still pictures.

Guthrie loves the swings almost as much as “boom!” though he tends to be distracted by people.

This is his friend Nora in an adorable outfit her Lebanese grandparents gave her.

This is the tricycle Mama and Papa got Guthrie for his birthday a little early. His legs are just a tad too short to pedal or scoot around on it yet, but he does like to be pushed or pulled on it

This is a mommy group meeting. Guthrie was the palooka, the alpha baby, the bruiser. At this age, they’re only looking out for Number One.

This looks like a duet but Clyde and Guthrie were actually battling for control over the little piano.

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