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Mr Nice, An Autobiography by Howard Marks. 2002 Canongate Books Ltd, Edinburgh. Originally pu

“One square mile of this small Spanish island was well out of control. A Philippine-brothel-owning member of the House of Lords was staying at the house of a Spanish Chief Inspector of Police. The Lord was being watched by an American CIA operative who was staying at the house of an English convicted sex offender. The CIA operative was sharing accommodations with an IRA terrorist. The IRA terrorist was discussing a Moroccan hashish deal with a Georgian pilot of Colombia’s Medellin Cartel. Organising these scenarios was an ex-MI6 agent, currently supervising the sale of thirty tons of Thai weed in Canada and at whose house could be found Pakistan’s major supplier of hashish. Attempting to understand the scenarios was a solitary DEA agent. The stage was set for something.”

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Grant Barrett